Noise assessments measure people not places

Here's an important point to remember in any noise assessment - the Regulations could not care less about any noise levels from equipment or machinery which cause no noise exposures to people and have no potential to do so. The Noise Regs are entirely concerned with noise levels experienced by your employees so the noise levels of machines are not the focus of it but merely a part of it.

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Exposure limits for noise at work 

For work, we have FOUR main limits, two for dB(A) and two for dB(C) and a good noise assessment must cover them all. There is also another separate fifth dB(A) limit as four limits were clearly not enough.

For those who are already wishing they'd not started reading this, there is a page giving more info on what dB(A) and dB(C) mean - but put simply, dB(A) is kind of averaged over time, while dB(C) is a brief impact noise where time doesn't really matter, a short bang.

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