Audiometric testing (hearing tests)

Like kindly ear obsessives troubling the good folks working up and down the length of the country, The Noise Chap's mobile audiometric testing services help companies comply with the hearing test requirements of the Noise Regs. We take all the hassle out of workplace audiometry, from arranging the appointments through to a detailed report on what needs to be done, and ongoing reminders of future due dates. We give individual-specific recommendations and ensure there is no easier way for you to get your testing arranged and completed.

Our audiometric testing service

One of our mobile audiometry units

One of our mobile audiometry units

We provide screening hearing tests at work, done on your site in a mobile audiometric testing unit, giving compliance with L108 Controlling Noise at Work and the British Standard for Pure Tone Audiometry.

✔︎ Provide a schedule of appointment times

✔︎ Measure noise levels in the testing booth

✔︎ Daily verification check of audiometer

✔︎ Pre-test health questionnaire review

✔︎ Visual examination of ears with otoscope

✔︎ Full audiometric test including extra frequencies

✔︎ Manually retest frequencies if needed

✔︎ Compare against older audiometric test results

✔︎ Categorise result according to HSE’s L108

✔︎ Attendee given a copy and explanation

The health screening report

Inside the audiometric testing unit

Inside the audiometric testing unit

We are very proud of the level of report we offer all clients. The audiometric test report, supplied electronically, includes anonymous stats for circulation, and detailed recommendations for individuals.

✔︎ Statistics on each batch of audiometry results

✔︎ This can be circulated to safety committees, etc.

✔︎ A list of every attendee and their result

✔︎ Additional guidance on all Cat 3 or 4 cases

✔︎ Clear guidance on future employer actions

✔︎ A clear ‘fit for work’ statement for everyone

✔︎ A copy of every audiogram

✔︎ A separate list of attendees and retest dates

✔︎ Provided within days of the testing

✔︎ Ongoing support and advice as needed

We have an Audiometry FAQ which goes into detail on several separate elements of our service including how we manage referrals, new starter testing, retest frequencies, what the categories of result mean, how to deal with agency staff, etc..

Example audiometric testing result - an audiogram with left and right results

Audiometry Technicians do a lot more than use an automatic result

The most important tool in audiometric testing is not the audiometer, the laptop, the booth, the otoscope or even the van - it is the technician who is there conducting each individual test. All our audiometric tests are conducted by experienced screening Technicians who will do far more than simply set an automatic hearing test going and then say ‘computer says fail’ afterwards. They will examine the person’s history, visually inspect the ears, conduct an automatic test and then do a final manual verification check as it is still possible for attendees to get fully automatic tests wrong. After this they will then look at the result and the person’s health history and give recommendations which are specific to that person rather than just giving a simple category of result and pre-packed statement.

This saves the employer time by reducing unnecessary follow up actions and mean attendees fully understand what the result means to them and the importance of protecting their hearing.

For an audiometric testing quote, just email or call 0330 133 1417

Audiometric testing: optional variations

Can choose to have questionnaires retained
Can choose to have the questionnaires returned to the client rather than the standard route of giving it back to the employee.

We can directly manage the day(s) of testing
If desired, we can liaise with Production directly on the day to make sure the process runs smoothly.

Can also add lung and skin tests
We can also add spirometry (lung tests) and skin assessments.

Audiometric testing: other elements

No extra charge for non-standard working days
We happily cover evenings and night shifts, and can even provide multiple units to allow audiometry on back-to-back shifts.

Re-test notifications
We will let you know when future tests are coming due so you can ensure the programme stays current.

100% standards compliant audiometric testing
Click here for a full list of what is needed for compliant testing

British Standard for Pure Tone Audiometry

Our audiometric testing includes all these as standard:

appointments schedule done for you ● purpose-built mobile clinic ● no additional charge for night shifts ● measure noise levels in the testing booth ● daily recorded equipment test and check ● pre-test health questionnaire (English, Polish and Welsh available) ● otoscopic examination of ears ● audiometric test including two additional bracketing frequencies ● HSE categorisation of results ● attendee given a copy and it explained to them ● poor results filtered between ones the employer should follow-up on and ones which the employer need not worry about ● employer’s report ● employer receives all audiometry results ● ongoing reminders of future audiometric tests coming due ● can include spirometry and skin assessments

Our mobile hearing testing service covers workplaces anywhere in the UK