Audiometric testing at work
(Hearing Test Screening)

Like kindly ear obsessives troubling the good folks working up and down the length of the country, The Noise Chap's mobile audiometric testing services help companies comply with the hearing test requirements of the Noise Regs. Most of these sections have a page where you can see more detail on the subject area, indeed so much detail it may put you off visiting the Internet ever again.

What we offer

Basically, workplace hearing tests done on your site in a mobile audiometric testing unit, done right, for compliance with L108 Controlling Noise at Work, the British Standard for Pure Tone Audiometry and GDPR.

No short-cuts, no withholding data, just the job done properly and a detailed client report telling you exactly what you need to know and what follow-up actions the employer should be taking.

Pricing for audiometric testing on your site

Audiometric testing pricing is based on how many people need testing and what their working patterns are so I can't give you a blanket "it costs £x" unfortunately, but I promise you won't have to sell a kidney to afford them. Maybe sell your least favourite child, (probably the ginger one), but nothing as important as a kidney. When you ask for a quote we will provide you with a fixed price for a number of appointments with no additional charges.

 Example audiometric testing result - an audiogram with left and right results

Example audiometric testing result - an audiogram with left and right results

Audiometric testing on-site routine

There is a lot of detail on the routine on its dedicated page, but a summary of it is:

  1. Set up the audiometry unit somewhere suitable

  2. Pre-test calibration check then measure ambient noise levels

  3. Attendees in waiting room complete questionnaire

  4. Review it with them

  5. Otoscopic examination of the ear

  6. Hearing test

  7. Print result and explain it to the attendee

  8. Attendee given result and questionnaire back

  9. Next victim

The audiometric test report - what you get

We are very proud of the level of report we offer all clients. The audiometric test report, supplied electronically, includes:

  1. A statistical analysis of that batch of audiometric test results. This is completely anonymous so may be extracted from the report and circulated within the company as needed.

  2. A list of every attendee in that session, listed by category of result.

  3. A further paragraph of information relating to any attendee found to have a hearing health issue, including stating clearly whether it is relevant to their work, what the employer needs to do, if anything, to follow up on it, and stating their fitness for work.

  4. This is then followed by a copy of all results for all attendees.

For a mobile audiometric testing quote, just email or call 0330 133 1417

Optional variations or additions

The client can choose variations as they wish:

  1. Can choose to have the questionnaires returned to the client rather than given back to the employee. (For the curious this page includes detail on why we do it this way).

  2. We can test in a quiet meeting room or office rather than an external unit if the client prefers, for example where there is very limited external space (many London businesses) or where it is easier to keep employees inside the building (eg, food hygiene sites).

  3. We can also add spirometry (lung tests) and skin assessments.

Other included elements in our service

There are some other elements which we offer as standard:

Chivying along
The Technician on the day will help manage the process and will give their on-site contact a shout if people are not turning up. This helps ensure the client is not surprised at the end of the day that people have been missed.

Re-test notifications
We will let you know when future tests are coming due so you can ensure the programme stays current.

 British Standard for Pure Tone Audiometry