Employee hearing tests

We are lovely helpful types who take all the hassle out of workplace audiometry, from arranging the session through to a detailed report on what needs to be done, ensuring our on-site mobile audiometric testing services are a cost-effective way for companies to comply with the hearing test requirements of the Noise Regs. No compromises trying to find a quiet office, no scheduling admin for the client, simply tell us how many audiometry tests you want and we do the arrangements, set up anywhere on site, provide standards-compliant hearing tests in a managed environment, with an experienced audiometric testing technician. No additional charges for night shift or early morning testing, and all at a marvellously attractive price.


Hearing test in progress in mobile unit

Why use us for your screening

Over 26 years of audiometric testing experience and an in-house member of the British Society of Audiology means we have the knowledge and experience to do the job properly. We have clients for whom we have conducted hearing tests personally for over a decade.

An on-site audiometry technician remains the only way to make sure the hearing tests are compliant with testing standards.

We design our own mobile audiometry units to ensure they offer fast, cost-efficient, accurate and immediate results, with minimal lost time for each employee.

Audiometry booth and door to rear waiting room

Why do industrial audiometry

If you have employees who are routinely exposed to noise levels over the 85 dB(A) mark then the mandatory health screening requirements kick in. (The HSE’s sinister-sounding way of saying ‘a hearing test’).

The test is similar to the one people may have had at school except that with hearing tests done at work you don’t get a lollipop afterwards.

An audiometric test can detect developing losses well before an individual becomes aware of them. Audiometry acts as a check to ensure employee hearing is not deteriorating and that the safety procedures are working.

Where magic of the audiometric test happens

Audiometric testing process

We will create a schedule of appointments, and if you let us have the names we will add those in as well to save admin work.

We measure the noise in the booth, check the equipment, then test each attendee. If there are no-shows we will chase them up.

Each attendee gets their result immediately and we explain it to them in light of their own health history and both work and non-work noise exposures - no pre-prepared statements.

The employer gets a full report with all results and specific recommendations for all ‘fails’.

UK-wide audiometry at work

If you are unsure of what’s needed and would like some advice or would just like a quote, just contact us and we will be more than happy to explain any element or provide a written quote for you.

We don’t mind anyone just ringing or emailing for for a bit of advice and we promise, no hard-sell. We just like people talking to us frankly as it makes us feel wanted.

✔︎ An on-site technician remains the only way for standards-compliant screening

✔︎ Fast and cost-effective hearing testing, minimising disruption and lost time

✔︎ Shifts covered, including nights, at no extra cost, anywhere in the UK

✔︎ Fitted audiometry booth and noise-reducing headphones

✔︎ Daily verification of audiometry equipment before every session

✔︎ Visual otoscopic examination of the ears before testing the hearing

✔︎ Automatic audiometric tests with manual verification to ensure accuracy

✔︎ Instant results, given to attendee and explained to them

✔︎ Detailed employer report with innovative classification of referrals

✔︎ Can deal with new starters and people who missed appointments

Our Audiometry Service Info page has a load more information on what we can do for you, while the Audiometry Reports page goes into more detail on what employers can expect to receive from us.

More info or request a quote

Audiometric testing at work - workplace hearing test result

One of our lovely mobile audiometry clinics