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Our on-site mobile audiometry services are a cost-effective and simple way for companies to comply with the hearing test requirements of the Noise Regs. We take all the hassle out of workplace audiometry, from arranging the session through to a detailed report on what needs to be done. No half-hearted measures trying to find a quiet office, no scheduling admin for the client, simply tell us how many audiometry tests you want and we do the arrangements, set up anywhere on site, provide standards compliant hearing tests in a managed environment, with an experienced technician. We give instant results for the employee then bespoke recommendations for the client, all at a rather marvellously attractive price. There is no easier or more efficient way to get your hearing testing done at work.

Why do audiometric testing at work?

If you have employees who are routinely exposed to noise levels over the magic 85 dB(A) mark then they have to receive routine health screening at work. ‘Health screening’ is just the HSE’s slightly weird way of saying ‘hearing tests’ or as it is sometimes also called, ‘audiometric testing’ or just ‘audiometry’.

The test is similar to the one many people will have had at school - the ‘hear beep press button’ thing - except that with hearing tests done at work you don’t get a lollipop afterwards. Or get checked for nits by a rather matronly school nurse.

Our on-site audiometry services are a cost-effective way for companies to comply with the hearing test requirements of the Noise Regs. We cover shifts and there is no additional charge for this.

We give instant results for the employee then give recommendations for the client, all at a great price.

Audiometry is an ongoing process and we will send you reminders when you have testing coming due, but we promise, no hard sell, just a simple reminder. We can also advise on things like new starter hearing testing or how to deal with the awkward types who inevitably decide to take a day off work on the day you have a session of hearing tests booked in and how to catch up with the non-attendees.

Testing with a technician on site remains the only way to get standards-compliant audiometry done at work as we can include mandatory elements such as a health review, daily equipment verification checks and a visual examination of the ear with the otoscope.

Why choose us for your audiometry?

Frankly, because we are bloody good at it. We are a small company of people who choose to specialise in noise, meaning we have no disinterested sales team, no impetus for up-selling and no big corporate body to hide behind if we don’t do the job right. (And we are also clearly a bit nerdy and have no life, but we will gloss over that part). The people you speak to for advice, to get a quote or to book a job are the same ones who turn up to do it and who have been doing it for years now. The Noise Chap was chosen as a company name as there is one person responsible for it all whomever does the actual testing, and that means we do it right, every time.

We believe you can be approachable and human while also being very professional and doing the hearing tests to the highest standards, and the list of clients we have, some of whom have been tested by us personally for over a decade now, testifies to that.

We make sure our testing is compliant with all relevant standards, which remains the only way to meet all the requirements of the British Standard for audiometry and mean the results will stand up to scrutiny from an insurer during a claim investigation, or from the HSE during a visit, while also protecting employees. We have clients with employee numbers ranging from six to two thousand and can happily cope with those and everything between.

Audiometry result from a hearing test at work - the type of result we give

Audiometry result from a hearing test at work - the type of result we give

Information and advice on the audiometry result

We are also interested in making sure an employer gets the information they need to protect their employees and to meet their legislative obligations. So no automatically-generated bland pre-prepared statements to attendees drearily saying ‘You are Category 2 and Category 2 means this…’. Everyone has a different health history, a different occupational and non-occupational noise exposure history and a different response to noise, and we make sure the information we give each person is as unique as their history. This extends to the employer where we give you specific recommendations and advice on anyone who needs it, telling you exactly what is needed and not leaving you floundering from just a list of useless statistics or pre-prepared statements on categories of results.

If you are unsure of what’s needed and would like some advice or would just like a quote, just contact us and we will be more than happy to explain any element or provide a written quote for you. We don’t mind anyone just ringing for a chat or for a bit of advice and promise, no hard-sell. We just like people talking to us as it makes us feel wanted.

British Standard for Pure Tone Audiometry