Audiometry pricing and booking

Pricing for screening hearing tests

Our pricing is a labyrinthine balance of time on site and number of tests per day so it is impossible to give a nice easy £ per day figure here. But, if you let us know how many people you want testing and whether any shifts are worked, that's all we need and we can get a quote back to you pronto. 

With our audiometric testing quotes there are no additional extras and no other charges - the price quoted is the price we will stick to for the complete job. 

Just email to ask for a quote.

Booking a session

 Audiometric testing booking form

When you have got over what remarkably good value the audiometry quote you have received is, and marvelled at how such a good job can be done for such a reasonable price, you'll want to book it in. All we need is a quick shout by email or phone and we'll let you know the next available dates. 

We will send you a booking form which asks for basic stuff like a PO number, confirmation of the site address we need to pitch up at, an email address for Accounts, and any alternative address if the billing address is different to the delivery address.

Once you are happy with the dates, we will send you a schedule of appointments which confirms the time we will arrive on site and then the time of all hearing test appointments, and the time we will depart. All you need to do is add the names of your people to the appointment slots, although if you want to send us those (an Excel sheet) we are happy to add the names to the schedule for you as well. 

And that's it. We will re-confirm the job a day or so before, then will be there bright eyed and ready to go. 


Unless otherwise agreed, all audiometric testing work is invoiced after the job is complete (on 30 day terms) and you have been send the audiometry report and results. Our normal system is that we don't ask for payment until you've seen the report first.