A selection of free noise-related resources available for anyone to use and refer to as part of a noise at work management programme.

This searchable database of around 200 types of hearing protection, including plugs, muffs/defenders and protectors with radios or MP3, makes comparison data readily available to help people looking for a specific level of protection. 

Music with a series of  filters so you can hear and demonstrate the difference losses make to hearing. This is useful for training employees in noise awareness and can be a huge help in encouraging compliance with the use of hearing protection.

A simple policy / procedure document for managing noise risks in the workplace which can be adapted or modified to suit your needs. This gets you going and just add your own organisation-specific info. Download here

Useful sites

There are a whole load of noise advice or hearing protection sites and suppliers out there and these are some recommended ones with the most useful information, or ones I have had dealings with in the past and would recommend.

  • Noisemeters.co.uk
    Both sell and rent-out noise meters. This is where I buy my stuff. Don't be fooled by the website looking a little dated, they are good.
  • Soundproofist
    I like this - they are as obsessed about noise as I am, with a noise advice podcast and blog. Well worth a listen and cover all noise rather than just workplace, so environmental as well.
  • Cluistrom.com
    Provide custom-made hearing protection which can be tailored for both fit and noise risk. The up-front cost is a tad higher than standard hearing protectors but the life-span of them makes these things very competitively priced.
  • Pulsar Noise Equipment
    Makers of mighty fine noise meters. I've used and recommended some of their stuff for years and in 2018 just bought a new set of lovely Pulsar noise toys. Either go direct or via someone like Noisemeters.