Noise Induced Hearing Loss Demonstration

So, what does noise induced hearing loss sound like? It's difficult to demonstrate as everyone hears sounds differently depending on their history of noise exposures, maybe a history of ear infections, or maybe they're just knocking on a bit and their hearing is fading, but what can be demonstrated is how differently slight changes in hearing levels can sound to each of us.

On the next few pages there are some controls to play a bit of music, each of which has been fiddled with to mimic the accompanying level of hearing the audiogram is showing and the text is describing. Each bit of music has had the same filter applied that the hearing testing graph is showing so you can hear the difference it makes to the noise. All of us will hear each one slightly differently but the change between them will be there for everyone.  

audiogram and the filters

More information on the categories mentioned in these pages is in the FAQ but basically Category 1 is normal, Category 2 is getting a bit bad for your age and Category 3 means it is weaker for your age than it should be. Age is important in this as hearing gets worse with age so what would be poor hearing for someone who is 25 could be good hearing for someone who is 45. Categories take account of age as there is no point comparing a 60-odd year old chaps' hearing against some spotty youth's as it is supposed to be worse. This disappearing hearing is just one of the downsides of getting older, you grunt when you sit down and you have the TV loud enough for the people three doors down to know what you are watching. The danger is then adding extra losses from noise on top.

Like the music?

Like the music in all the clips on the next pages? The song is Drunken Serenade by Merry Hell, a popular beat combo from Wigan and a fine collection of individuals who are more than deserving of you investing a few of your hard earned pounds into their musical noodlings. And thanks to their manager for permission to use the song clip.