Hearing Protection Performance Data

Finding even simple SNR or HML data on hearing protection can be a frustrating experience sometimes, and the more detailed APV data can be even harder to find. Some make SNR easy to find but hide APV away almost entirely out of sight. Some manufacturers give one sheet with APV for all their products, while others make the APV data available for a single product at a time meaning flicking between them to compare them which takes ages to track down and compare.

As this has frustrated me over the years I've finally got my act together and done something about it, pulling this data together into one single place making comparisons of hearing protection easy, and providing a simple data source to help people looking for a specific level of protection, by any of the SNR, HML or APV methods. It also includes notes on features and approximate costs.

In the table below, you can use the wee arrow things to sort and filter as needed.