E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neon Ear Plugs Review

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The ‘soft’ are very much 3M’s companion range of ear plugs to the Classics, with the soft being made from a softer foam and a little more contoured to the ear canal.

E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neon ear plugs - the basics

Price: £0.25 (Arco)

SNR: 36dB

Features: High attenuation, soft foam, contoured to the ear canal, can be corded or uncorded. One size fits all. Disposable.

Manufacturer: 3M - E-A-R

E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neon ear plugs - performance

36dB of noise attenuation puts these at the higher end of the performance scale for an ear plug, with only a handful going 2 or 3dB higher. This does mean companies choosing to use them do have to make sure they are not too powerful for the noise risk present and that the wearers are not being over-protected.

E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neon ear plugs for musicians

Their impact across the frequency range is pretty low, with only a 3dB difference between their impact on the high and the low frequencies. This means that for musicians, they will have a minimal impact on how the music sounds, while making a big difference to overall volume.

E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neon ear plugs - price and value

At 25p a pair it is impossible to argue against them on cost. 3M market them as disposable but I must admit that I popped mine into a small plastic box when taken out and used them for a couple of days meaning in effect I was now paying about 17p a day instead.

‘Value’ does not mean ‘cheap’ and there are cheaper ones out there, but the performance and comfort of these is so good that value-wise they are superb.

EARsoft Yellow Neon Ear Plugs

EARsoft Yellow Neon Ear Plugs

E-A-Rsoft YellowNeon ear plugs - fit and comfort

I cannot fault them. I have worn these in factories when doing noise assessments, in bed in hotels to get some peace, and under my helmet on a motorbike and in all situations have found them to be extremely comfortable. Once in they stay in place and don’t exert undue pressure on the canals and become sore over time.

E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neon ear plugs for motorbikes

I’ve worn these on a few long journeys now, the longest of which was about five hours with the plugs in place under the helmet. The wind noise reduction was superb, and more importantly, despite the pressure of the helmet they never became sore. No plug can distinguish between wind noise and music or speech but with these in place I could still listen to my Sena intercom very easily without it having to be blasting away to compete with the wind noise on motorways.

E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neon ear plugs - summary

✔︎ Great value

✔︎ Strong protection

✔︎ Comfortable to wear for long periods

✔︎ Good for motorcyclists

These are my preferred ear plug. Soft in the ears, pain free, and a very good level of noise reduction. They are like comforting anti-noise clouds for your ears.

These cost 25p and give you the same noise attenuation as the Flare IsolatePro which cost £50. The E-A-Rsoft have a more even impact across the frequency range so are better for listening to music through as well as wearing at work and are so much more comfortable to wear that there is no real comparison between the two. You would have to pay for these 200 times over to have the same cost as the IsolatePro, which itself needs the foam replacing within that time. The E-A-Rsoft are very very good and extremely good value.