Peltor Optime Push-to-Listen Earmuffs Review

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This is very much a long-term review as I have been using these for a good eight to ten years now, initially attracted by the good noise reduction performance but also the ability for them to allow key speech frequencies through for short periods of time to help aid communication in high noise environments.

Peltor Optime Push to Listen Earmuffs - the basics

Price: £34.99

SNR: 31dB

Features: reusable, button and microphone in one cup to facilitate listening to speech. As tested - over the head headband version.

Peltor Optime Push to Listen Earmuffs - performance

31dB is an ideal level of protection for most workplaces, with these defenders being based on the Optime II level of protection.

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The speech pass-through works remarkably well. It is in one cup only, and you press the button and then for 30 seconds some of the key frequencies in speech are detected with the external microphone on the outside of the defender, and played back inside it in the little speaker. It is tinny but it really works and when wearing them completely eliminates the temptation to lift them when talking to other people.

Peltor Optime Push to Listen Earmuffs - price and value

With the Optime II muff on which these are based being available for around £17.50, you are effectively paying the same again for the electronic speech pass-through facility of these. After so long of using them that £17.50 premium seems entirely justifiable to me and the price tag of around £35 perfectly reasonable.

These Optime Push to Listen muffs have not had an easy life

These Optime Push to Listen muffs have not had an easy life

I would also say that in the photo here you can clearly see these have been well used. They have been worn a lot, and thrown about in the car and in my bags. They’ve spent years on the floor of the car and rattling around in the boot, and aside from paint wear on the surface they are still perfect after all these years. They really do last very well which makes their value proposition extremely good.

Peltor Optime Push to Listen Earmuffs - fit and comfort

These things are a premium product and you can tell. They have just enough tension to maintain a good seal around the ears, without being so tight that the squeeze starts to get irritating after a while. Of course, like any ear muff, on a hot day or in a hot environment they can get a little hot inside but if you clamp your ears inside a sealed foam-lined box that’s pretty inevitable. Not once have I considered not wearing these due to any reluctance caused by discomfort or painful pressure on the ears. No problems at all.

Peltor Optime Push to Listen Earmuffs - summary

✔︎ Good value

✔︎ Comfortable fit

✔︎ Pain-free

✔︎ The electronic speech part works perfectly and stops the muffs being removed.

✔︎ Good level of protection for all but the most extreme jobs

✔︎ Very robust and long lasting

Nothing to say against them at all. Sure, they are double the price of the normal Optime II muff but that speech facility is more than worth the price difference. Highly recommended.