Heavy noise induced hearing loss

In this one, our victim has had a good history of noise exposures and the hearing has really deteriorated. At the all-important higher frequencies used most in hearing speech the ears are pretty useless, needing about 90dB of noise to hear anything (talking is about 65dB or so), and the low frequencies have really followed suit.

Audiogram - Heavy loss

At this level, the ears are largely only good for keeping glasses straight and aside from that everything is a quiet murky mush. For losses like this due to noise a hearing aid is pretty much the only option to make things a bit better.

What often happens here is that the person with this level of hearing starts to turn the volume up on everything. The result of this is that their wife or husband is being driven mad by the racket but the sound is still horrible - this second clip below is what this level of loss sounds like but just with the volume turned up. It's still an indistinguishable messy noise, just a slightly louder indistinguishable messy noise.