Managing noise at work

You think you may have a noise risk at work but aren’t sure what you need to do about it. This section is aimed at a bit of general advice on managing noise at work, and there is also more specific advice in the Noise Assessment FAQ and Audiometric Testing FAQ sections as well.

If you are looking for someone to come and do a thoroughly marvellous job for you then of course we are more than happy to help and the information on the noise assessment service is here.

The best bit of general advice I can give is to take your time, plan it out and take each individual part separately. And importantly, in a the noise assessment part remember that you are measuring people not places, so you don’t have to have a separate measurement for every single tool on the site as one person may use ten tools in their job, so that could be one measurement rather than ten. The most common mistake I see people making is tying themselves up in knots as they are too focussed on tools rather than jobs or people. 

What does the law say about noise at work?

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For this, you can look at a simple guide to the Noise Regs, or what the noise regs say about employee training in noise safety and what they specify has to be included in that.

Basics of noise assessment

Noise meters used in noise assessments

Health surveillance in noise management

Advice on health surveillance programmes - hearing testing at work

There is information on who to include in the hearing test programme, what it should include, how often do do it, and a complete FAQ of information covering a lot of aspects of workplace audiometry.

General advice on managing noise at work

Noise meters for use in noise assessment

How to choose a good noise consultant, how to choose the right hearing protection, or some of the signs of poor practice in workplace audiometric testing so you know what to avoid.