Noise assessments at work

You've decided you need to get a noise assessment done to keep everyone safe at work and to stop the HSE putting you in a cell with Big Dave The Sex Pest, so you are looking for some lonely noise Herbert to do it for you and in that case The Noise Chap is just who you are looking for.

Our noise risk assessment is:

Done to HSE standards

Noisy motor found on noise assessment - rest of the area was quiet apart from this

Noisy motor found on noise assessment - rest of the area was quiet apart from this

  1. A proper noise risk assessment for the site rather a simple map with some numbers on.

  2. Includes 8-hour time weighted exposures for jobs assessed.

  3. Includes, dB(A), dB(C) and octave band measurements.

  4. Includes recommendations for control measures for noise via engineering or other means.

  5. Includes hearing protection assessments and recommendations.

Specific to your site

Noise assessment kit - hand-held and wearable noise meters

  1. Written specifically for your site rather than automatically generated from pre-set templates or software-generated reports.

  2. Where people do multiple jobs then the noise assessment is for them, their job or their function and will comprise all parts of their job to give a complete risk assessment for the role.

  3. Is done with a combination of hand-held and wearable noise meters as best suits your work.

If you are interested in a noise assessment at work just contact us for a fast and specific quote

Our noise risk assessment includes all these as standard:

Help you be compliant with the Noise Regs ● UK-wide - noise assessments covering all UK areas ● a proper noise risk assessment rather than a simple map of the site ● done by a qualified noise risk assessor ● include 8-hour time weighted averages ● possible measures for controlling noise exposures such as engineering or job rotations ● assessment of current hearing protection ● assessment of available alternate hearing protection should the employer want to change in the future ● written reports within ten days ● follow-up support as needed