Noise assessment at work (noise survey)

So, you've decided you need to get a noise assessment done to keep everyone safe at work and to stop the HSE putting you in a cell with Big Dave The Sex Pest, and you are looking for some lonely noise Herbert to do it for you and in that case The Noise Chap is just who you are looking for. Our noise assessor has 20+ years of experience in health and safety, including ten years spent running his own consultancy in which the company undertook around 250 noise assessments and did over 25,000 workplace hearing tests every year, and provided countless employee noise awareness training sessions. He has a health and safety background so can relate noise assessment to the more general health and safety requirements placed on the business, but is a noise specialist and now only works in noise-related fields guaranteeing a high degree of competency.

Our workplace noise assessment is:

Done to HSE standards

 Noisy motor on noise assessment
  1. A proper risk assessment for the site rather a simple map with some numbers on.

  2. Includes 8-hour time weighted exposures for jobs assessed.

  3. Includes, dB(A), dB(C) and octave band measurements.

  4. Includes recommendations for control measures for noise via engineering or other means.

  5. Includes hearing protection assessments and recommendations.

Specific to your site

  1. Written specifically for your site rather than an automatically generated from pre-set templates or software-generated reports.

  2. Where people do multiple jobs then the assessment is for them, their job or their function and will comprise all parts of their job to give a complete assessment for the role.

  3. Is done with a combination of hand-held and wearable noise meters as best suits your work.

If you are interested in a noise assessment just contact us for a specific quote

For those looking for more detail on what the noise assessment will include, all the key parts of the summary above are expanded on here:

Our noise assessment is:

 Decibels on analogue noise meter
  1. Done specifically to your site.
    The noise assessment report has a template for the introduction and some explanation of the terms and layout but that's it and anything else is down to how best fits your site. This is no 'tick box' noise assessment where three or more reports are churned out in a day - it is impossible to do the job properly at that rate. It's done properly, specifically for you and your site.

  2. Done by a properly certified noise risk assessor.
    The noise assessments are undertaken by a lovely chap who is certified in noise assessment by the Institute of Acoustics, as well as all the other general gubbins which goes with so long spent in health and safety such as NEBOSH Diploma, qualified hearing assessor, etc. Copies of the certificates are included in the assessment report.

  3. A 'noise risk assessment' as the Noise Regs require rather than just a map of the site.
    The noise risk assessment will be job, task, equipment or person-focused rather than just a map of the site with some numbers on. By default, the standard route and preference is for person- or job-focused noise assessment, but for a small number of sites a focus on measuring noise generated by equipment may be more appropriate, for example joinery workshops where what is done on one day is usually not representative of the work on any other day. These sites are very much the exception rather than the rule.

  4. Inclusive of suggested noise reduction measures.
    All noise risk assessments include suggested actions for reducing noise exposures in your workplace where possible, as required by the Noise Regs, and this forms a fundamental part of the survey report. This will include any possible engineering or organisational control which may be helpful for controlling noise levels experienced by personnel.

  5. Inclusive of an assessment of hearing protection and suggestions for future alternative possibilities.
    The noise assessment report will include an assessment of the current hearing protection to confirm it's suitability for the noise risks present in the workplace, meaning you can use it to verify to insurers etc. that the hearing protection is appropriate for the risk. It will also include a report on alternative styles of hearing protection which are also suitable meaning you can shop around if you wish, armed with the knowledge that the ones you choose will also be suitable for your noise risks.

  6. Free from hard-sell for other services.
    If required following the noise assessment, advice can be provided on setting up a health surveillance (audiometry) programme and making arrangements for employee noise training. These can also be provided for you should you wish but there is no hard-sell on it as it is important to us that a noise assessment is not an excuse for pushing more services. 'Up-selling' is a practice that make my teeth grind.

Properly UK-wide noise assessments

We offer a genuinely UK-wide workplace noise survey service. In 2018 so far we've done noise assessments all over the country including London, Portsmouth, Somerset, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Inverness, Milton Keynes, Norfolk, Devon, Kent and Wales.