Loud noise can kill computers

Gizmodo UK recently published an article detailing a case of a bang caused by fire suppressant gasses being released into a NASDAQ data centre that was loud enough to physically kill some of the equipment being used in there.

"Sound is ultimately just vibrations in the air, translated into noise by your brain. And inevitably, there are mechanical parts to computers, like spinning fans or even spinning disk drives. A recent study by Siemens found that vibrations from sound as loud as 110 decibels could damage a hard drive. The fire extinguisher nozzles could be as loud as 130 decibels."

One interesting, if rather geeky, part of that is the statement that 110dB can cause damage to hard drives. 110dB is not that uncommon in workplaces, especially if you are talking about short-term 'bang' impact noises rather than continuous noise. Dropping a pallet onto a concrete floor in a packing area or a golfist whacking a ball with a titanium club are both often around 130dB.