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Review: Pulsar Nova model 45 noise meter and analyzer software

The Pulsar Nova Model 45 noise meter is really a combination of two distinct parts, the physical noise meter and the AnalyzerPlus software used to manage and review the results, both of which work together to make the whole product. One of them pretty useless without the other so to determine how the meter performs, the software has to be looked at as well. Which is a shame as aside from some design niggles, the physical meter seems pretty good, while the software, well, let's charitably say 'it'll be nice when they finish it'. Here is a full review of both the meter and the software based on a couple of months’ of regular use.

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High noise for company drivers

This is an area which I have avoided tackling head-on in the past and generally turned a blind eye to it as it is an area packed with uncertainty and potentially large issues to sort out, but nevertheless it is an interesting question - how do the Noise Regulations apply to people driving a vehicle on company business? This would cover the obvious such as truck or van drivers, but also motorcycle couriers, anyone driving a company car on a work-related journey, or indeed anyone driving their own car on a work-related journey. 

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