Does 'covering the UK' really mean everywhere?

One question we are often asked by potential new audiometric testing or noise assessment clients is ‘do you come to this area’, and the answer is an emphatic ‘yes’.

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The way we work is that a technician leaves on a Monday morning and more often than not doesn’t get home again until Friday afternoon. In the meantime, we send them on a pre-planned route so if we have a one day job in say Newcastle Upon Tyne, we may schedule other jobs in Leeds and Middlesbrough for them to stop at on the way up, then maybe a short one in Hull or something on the way back again. That way we keep the travel costs down (we don’t charge extra for travel for clients), and keep things running as smoothly as possible.

It does mean there pretty much isn’t anywhere in the UK we’ve not worked, from Inverness to the pointy bit of Cornwall, from Scottish islands to Northern Ireland. It does give you a slightly strange sense of geography, where when you live in Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire you start considering jobs in Manchester to be ‘fairly local and not worth bothering with a hotel the night before’.

Special mention though has to be given to Marty in our previous business, who scheduled an audiometric testing job right in the middle of London, in Covent Garden, finishing at about 5.30pm, followed by testing starting the following morning at 6.30am for a ship’s crew docking at Greenock, just up by Glasgow. The phrase ‘I didn’t think it was that far away’ will never be forgotten. (For the record, that was me doing the job and I made it!).

A few years ago I did have a noise assessment client in Dorset who liked what we did so much that they asked us to do noise assessments for them in Singapore, the Philippines, the Caribbean and Americaland. I think it is important to make it clear to anyone that this is more than acceptable to us and if someone is needed to go and wave a noise meter around somewhere hot in the Caribbean then I can have a bag packed in about ten minutes flat.