Noise Assessment - England And Wales, up to 100 employees

Noise Assessment - England And Wales, up to 100 employees

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Noise assessment for sites with up to 100 employees either in total or per shift, located anywhere in England or Wales.

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Noise assessment undertaken at your site, anywhere in England and Wales for sites with anything between 3 and 100 employees, using a Class 1 hand held unit and wearable noise sampling units (dosimeters). Assessment will be completed within one working day on the site and then a report submitted within ten days of the site visit.

Buying here versus quoted rate

Buying here gives instant confirmation of the order, a VAT receipt, and will be followed up same-day (if ordered before 3pm) for confirmation of the date for the site visit to conduct the assessment.

Purchases here will always be cheaper than any quoted rate as it dramatically reduces the accountancy paperwork inherent in invoicing on 30 day terms.

What the noise assessment and report includes

Our report is designed to help you in compliance with the Noise Regs, meaning the report is not a simple templated thing banged out automatically and includes:

  • Noise exposure levels for at-risk workers based on personnel- or task-related measurements where the work permits, as required by the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. These are commonly referred to as personal dose measurements. These are the dB(A) results which compare to the 80dB(A) and 85dB(A) regulatory limits.
  • Peak noise levels, the dB(C) results which compare to the 135dB(C) and 137dB(C) limits.
  • Analysis of the frequencies which make up the noise, (‘octave band analysis’).
  • The report will contain recommendations for suitable hearing protection based on the octave band analysis, including assessment of both current hearing protection and performance of alternative models should the employer wish to change in the future. This is the preferred method for determining how well hearing protection models perform with the specific noise levels experienced.
  • Advice on possible noise reduction or control measures (engineering controls, job rotation, etc.) as appropriate, along with how the health surveillance element of Regulations may apply to the site.

Quote is inclusive of all costs and includes employer’s report - no other sneaky charges or costs. Reports are provided as PDF.

Rather pay on 30 day terms?

If you wish to make an enquiry or would rather place an order on standard 30 day terms following the assessment date then please just contact us and a quote will be sent directly to you. Buying here is guaranteed to always be cheaper as it avoids the accountancy drudgery of managing invoices at our end, and is the only way to make payment by card.

Risk assessments and insurance

Risk Assessments can be sent if required following confirmation of the work, and we hold £5m of Public Liability insurance, and again, a copy of the certificate can be sent following booking if needed.

Payment methods

Payment accepted by Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.