Normal hearing

When we measure hearing we get a set of results which look like this, one graph for each ear and in each one the lower (bass) noises are on the left and the higher pitch stuff is on the right. It is rarely flat and this graph is a normal one with the result wibbling about somewhere between 0dB and 10dB. Sorry if 'wibbling' is throwing technical terms at your too quickly but it is important to use precise language here, honest...

Audiogram of normal hearing

This is what healthy hearing looks like, say for a young person around 20 or so. No signs of any losses here due to noise or anything else, it's all obscenely healthy. 

Press the play button to hear the music. This is your baseline as the music has no filters applied to it at all, it is just normal. This track was chosen as after 20 seconds or so the band start up again and in this result, it is still easily possible to hear the vocals over the band's noise.

(And apologies to the good folks of Merry Hell for describing it as 'band noise' but I couldn't think of an easier way to describe it!).