Should you wish to get in touch to request a quote or just ask a general question or for a bit of advice, use the contact form below and it shall be winging its way towards me in no time, or just email 

If you want to call please ring 0330 133 1417. There may be times I can't answer immediately such as if I am doing an assessment on a client's site, but if you leave a message I will call you back. I aim to have all noise assessment or audiometric testing quote requests turned around and back with you within 24 hours.

Noise assessment quote

If you are asking about a quote for a noise assessment or noise training, could you do me a big favour please and let me know roughly how many employees you have working in a high noise area and what it is the company does? That gives me a good idea of the size of the site and helps a lot more than physical dimensions - a site can be huge but not have a large area with higher noise levels, or can be small but have all the shop-floor employees working in loud areas.

Audiometric testing quote

For this one all I need to know is where you are in the country, how many employees need a screening test, and if shifts are worked then how those employee are split over the various shifts.

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Environmental noise

Unfortunately, if your issue is with environmental noise, nuisance noise (noisy neighbours, etc.) or noise assessments for building planning permission I am unable to help. That is a different field and not one I can offer any advice on. For that, do a search on 'environmental noise' or 'nuisance noise' and that'll point you in the right direction.

Data usage

By sending the information above you are agreeing to it’s future use. For individuals making a general enquiry I will reply to you on the email address included but then no further use of that data is made, no passing on to anyone else, and no storage of it other than a record of the email reply. For people enquiring on behalf of a company, I will retain the basic information as a company contact but it is not passed on to anyone else and only used in relation to noise at work.