Audiometry and Noise Assessments

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We are noise geeks, specialising in audiometry (hearing tests) and noise assessments, along with some other linked services such as spirometry, skin assessments and employee noise safety training. We have decades-worth of experience in noise safety and audiometry, probably to a level many would consider a little tragic, but we enjoy what we do. With clients ranging from six to two thousand employees, all over the UK, we can cope with audiometric testing and noise surveys for companies of any size. Being directly owned by a noise assessment and hearing testing guru, (in a rare moment of humility ‘The Noise God’ was rejected as a name), we understand exactly how to give you the best service possible, giving you the information you need, while remaining thoroughly lovely approachable types.

Hearing Testing

A technician administering the audiometric tests remains the only way standards-compliant audiometry can be done at work. Screening using our mobile units offers efficient, low cost, hassle-free hearing tests for businesses anywhere in the UK.

Noise Assessment

Noise assessments for companies of all sizes, up and down the country, using sets of wearable dosemeters and hand held noise meters. Compliant noise surveys for industry, including hearing protection review, organisational controls and engineering possibilities.

Noise training

Employee noise awareness training provided by our audiometry technicians or noise assessors, giving a superb level of subject knowledge and attendee engagement. Experienced trainers and includes demonstrations of what hearing loss sounds like.

“We were very happy with your friendly, helpful service and will use you again next year!”
Noise assessment, audiometry and spirometry in Dunstable Sept 2019

“Thanks for doing the hearing tests, surprisingly it was the talk of the day”
Production Manager, Essex. July 2019

“Hi Adam aka the god of noise (accompanied by a heavy metal intro). Thank you so much for sorting the audiometry – you are awesome!!”
Senior QHSE Advisor, Wiltshire, June 2019

“These audiometry results are significantly better than last year’s because of your more rigorous testing and better quality equipment”
HS&E Manager, Blackwood, Wales, March 2019

To get an idea of what we can do for you, these are some recent case studies.

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