Noise training for employees

"Here's some ear muffs, wear them or you'll get a slap". That's it, all done. Move along now.

If only life was so easy. L108 gives some quite specific detail on what employee training must contain and this kicks in when the lower levels of 80 dB(A) or 135 dB(C) are met or exceeded. These individual elements are in the Regulations rather than the accompanying guidance therefore there is no option to omit various bits and all of them must be covered in any noise awareness training courses. 

Nature of noise and its risks

A basic bit on what noise is and what it can do to hearing. There is a load of information you can use on this on the page detailing the effects of noise on hearing.

Organisational controls for noise

Or in English, what the employer is doing to try and control exposures to high noise via something other than hearing protection. For example, low noise surfaces on loading ramps, plastic guards to reduce impact noise, etc.

The noise exposure limits

What the limits are, namely the 80 dB(A) / 135 dB(C) and 85 dB(A) and 137 dB(C) bits of the noise regs.

The noise assessment

Any significant bits from the noise assessment - usually what the high noise risk areas are in their workplace.

Hearing protection

Where they can get hearing protection at work and importantly, how to wear it correctly.

Detecting hearing loss

How they can detect signs of hearing loss and what to do about it if they do notice it. Feel free to use the Hearing Loss Demo on this site to show them what it sounds like. 


A bit on the entitlement to hearing tests if the upper limits of 85 dB(A) or 137 dB(C) are met. Also the collective results of any previous hearing testing programmes but it must be anonymous.

Noise training summary

Not all this has to be provided in one hit providing the employer can show it is being covered over time, so feel free to break it up into small chunks if that works better.

This is list is not exhaustive by the way but is the minimum content of the training. If you are cobbling a noise awareness course together in-house then all the info you need should be on this site to enable you to put something together or you can use the Noise Awareness Training presentation available to download in the Resources section. You can just add your own specific information such as your organisational arrangements and the significant bits from your noise assessments.