Noise assessments at work

Our noise assessments are conducted by individuals with over 20 years of experience in industrial noise surveys, providing reports which give detailed noise exposures and recommended control measures for all your employees and in all workplaces.

What is a noise assessment?

It is a measurement of the noise levels experienced by people at work, be it in a factory, hotel, entertainment venue, transport system or any other area where the work being done generates noise levels loud enough for you to have to raise your voice. The assessment aims to measure the typical noise exposures people will experience over their shift, determine what should or could be done about it, identify if hearing protection is needed and if so what hearing protection is suitable for the noise risk, and identify people for whom training or hearing tests are needed.

Noise assessment meters - hand-held and wearable

The equipment used

With a combination of high-end wearable and hand-held noise meters, we can cover all mobile and static workers in a workplace, with up to 11 noise measurements being made concurrently.

To any noise geek, this equipment is verging on the downright sexy.

Motor causing issues in noise survey

Motor causing issues in noise survey

The noise risks measured

Wherever possible we give time-weighted averages in the results for compliance with the Noise Regs, including dB(A), peak dB(C) and octave band readings, from static and mobile meters. The focus is on employees, assessing possible exposures per day from either single or multiple sources.

Noise assessment in engineering factory

Noise assessment in engineering factory

The client report

The report gives average noise exposures for jobs, (or where this is not possible because the job is so variable and one day has no relevance to any other, ‘time to the limit’ figures), assessment of current hearing protection for the noise measured, alternative styles, and advice on possible noise control measures.

UK-wide noise surveys

If you have any questions about a noise assessment at work, ranging from whether you need a noise survey at all through to maybe how often one should be done, please just get in touch and we are more than happy to help.

✔︎ We cover any workplace anywhere in the UK

✔︎ Experienced in a wide range of businesses

✔︎ More than two decades of experience in noise assessment

✔︎ Assessments designed to help with Noise Regs compliance

✔︎ Average exposures for days / shifts, with average and peak levels

✔︎ Current hearing protection suitability assessed with octave bands

✔︎ Advice on possible noise reduction measures included in reports

✔︎ Recommended possible engineering and organisational controls

✔︎ Reports give specific recommendations for your workplace

✔︎ Shifts covered if needed at no extra charge

✔︎ We use both wearable and hand-held noise meters

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Competence in workplace noise risk assessment

Our noise assessors are certified by the Institute of Acoustics in workplace noise risk assessment, but this is only the start of their knowledge. With over 20 years of experience of industrial noise surveys in everything from joinery workshops to food factories, emergency services to ships, automotive industries to ship building, we have experience of delivering high quality noise assessments in all workplaces and have built up a great depth of knowledge and experience to call upon. As a small company we have a direct relationships with clients meaning we are accountable for what we do and want to get it right every time. We don’t take the lazy way of templated lists of numbers or a map of the site with some dB levels on it, but provide you with a proper noise risk assessment, with clear results and noise management advice.